Treating Syringomyelia (SM) With
Herbal Thearpy Amyotrophy Convalesence Pill

1. The GeneralSyringomyelia is a rare condition in which long, fluid filled spaces are present in the central gray matter of the spinal cord. We call this space as syrin which expands and elongates over time, destroying the center of the spinal cord. Since the spinal cord connects the brain to nerves in the extremities, this damage results in pain, weakness, and stiffness in the back, shoulders, arms, or legs.

One way to think of syringomyelia is if you were to take a hot dog and inject water into the center. This forms an abnormal cavity within the structure of the spinal cord, causes pressure and disrupts the normal function of the nerves that travel from that area of the cord.

Video: Christopher Burton Explains Syringomyelia (SM)

2. The Main Symptoms
Many of the symptoms of syringomyelia may be vague at beginning. However, symptoms can be progressive over a long period of time. Some people experience symptoms that occur suddenly, causing them to think they may have had a stroke.

Pain is one of the most common symptoms persons may experience. People may complain of pain in the arm, hand or leg. Some people report a burning type of pain around the ribs or in the neck or back. Often, the pain is present for months to years before a proper diagnosis is made. Pain on one side is more commonly reported than bilateral pain. Many persons report a tingling sensation or numbness in the arm, chest, or back, in a leg or foot. If left unchecked, some people will report burning or injuring themselves without knowing it due to the numbness in an extremity..

Some people will report weakness in the hand or arm, or even in the leg or foot. Weakness is generally progressive over time and many people will say they have become clumsy with their hand and drop objects. Over time, some persons will develop atrophy (or muscle wasting). Infrequently, a person will become suddenly weak on one side of the body.

Weakness of the lower extremity may cause problems with walking, called ataxia. This is generally described as an unusual gait or dragging of one leg. Some people will stagger and report frequent falling due to the weakness of a limb.
Other symptoms may include shortness of breath, chest tightness, episodic fast heart rate, blood pressure changes, fatigue. SM may also adversely affect sweating, sexual function and bladder and bowel control.

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3. Chinese Herbal Medicine Treatment:

1. Weakness of stomach and spleen.
Extremities numbness, no feeling to pain and temperature changes, muscle atrophy, herbtiredness, short breath, weak voice, poor appetite, lower abdomen distension, slush stool, tender and enlarged tongue, deep and fine pulse.
Center Boosting and Qi Enriching Decoction
Radix Astragali 30g, Radix Codonopsis Pilosulae 20g, Rhizoma Atractylodis 15g, Radix Angelicae Sinensis 10g, Poria Cocos 15g, Radix Dipsaci 15g, Fructus Lycii 30g, Rhizoma Cimicifugae 5g, Rhizoma Notopterygii 12g, Fructus Chaenomelis 12g, Caulis Spatholobi 30g,
Take decocted with water, 1 time daily.
1. Lower abdomen distension: add Cortex Magnoliae Officinalis 10g
2. Slushing stool: remove Radix Angelicae Sinensis
3. Severe numbness: add Ramulus Cinnamomi 10g, Lumbricus 10g
4. Severe weak limbs: add Cortex Eucommiae preparata 10g, Radix Achyranthis 15g
5. Urinary incontinence: add Fructus Rubi 10g, Mantidis Ootheca 12g
6. Swallowing difficulty: add Radix Ginseng 6g, Flos Inulae 9g, Haematitum 15g
7. Long time muscle atrophy: add Radix Polygoni Multiflori 15g, Radix Rehmanniae 12g
2. Kidney vacuity and emptiness of bone marrow.
Numbness of muscle, no feeling to pain and temperature changes, muscle atrophy, difficulty with joints moving, walking difficult, slurring speaking, swallowing difficulty, sore waist and soft limbs, chilly limbs and body, pale complexion, purple tongue body, enlarged tongue body, tooth print at sides of tongue, tiny and rough pulse.
Radix Rehmanniae Decoction
Radix Rehmanniae 15g, Radix Morindae 15g, Epimedii Herba 15g, Herba Cistanchis 12g, Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides 10g, Fructus Corni 12g, Radix Ophiopogonis 15g, Poria Cocos 15g, Fructus Lycii 30g, Radix Astragali 30g, Radix Angelicae Sinensis 15g, Caulis Spatholobi 30g, Radix Salviae Miltiorrhziae 15g.
Take decocted with water, 1 time daily.
1. Kidney Yang vacuity: add Radix Aconiti Lateralis Preparata 6g, Cortex Cinnamomi 10g
2. Spleen vacuity: add Radix Codonopsis Pilosulae 30g
3. Blood vacuity: add Rhizoma Polygonati 30g, Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides 12g,
4 . Urinary incontinence: add Fructus Rubi 10g, Fructus Alpinia Oxyphyllae 10g
5 . Swallowing difficulty: add Radix Ginseng 6g, Flos Inulae 9g, Haematitum 15g
6 . Speaking difficulty: add Rhizoma Cimicifugae 6g, Radix Bupleuri 6g, Rhizoma Acori Graminei 15g
3. Yin vacuity of both liver and kidney.
figureExtremities numbness, no feeling to pain and temperature changes, muscle wasting, fragile bones, decaying finger points, joints spasm, tingling muscle, walking difficulty, sore and soft knees and lumbago, dizziness, giddiness, read tongue, less tongue fur, tiny pulse.
Hu Qian Pill
Radix Rehmanniae 30g, Carapax Et Plastrum Testudinis 30g, Radix Paeoniae Alba 30g, Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae 10g, Rhizoma Anemarrhenae 9g, Radix Angelicae Sinensis 10g, Fructus Lycii 15g, Rhizoma Polygonati 30g, Radix Achyranthis 15g, Ramulus Loranthi 15g, Semen Cuscutae 10g, Caulis Spatholobi 20g
Take decocted with water, 1 time daily.
1. Tingling muscle: add Ramulus Uncariae Cum Uncis 10g, Scorpio 6g
2. Limbs spasm: add Scorpio 6g, Bombyx Cum Batryte 12g
3. Yin vacuity with inner fever: add Cortex Lycii Radicis 10g, Cortex Phellodendri 6g
4. Qi vacuity: add Radix Astragali 30g, Radix Codonopsis Pilosulae 20
5. Blood stasis: add Semen Persicae 10g, Flos Carthami 10g

4. Amyotrophy Convalescence Pill Series

Two or three combination version from Amyotrophy Convalescence Pill Series medicine hospitalare used to treat Syringomyelia (SM). Dr. Huai Yuanming summer up the experience accumulated during long term of fight with syringomyelia by using Chinese herbal medicine and began to take his own feature. Amyotrophy Convalescence Pill Series can be effectively used to treat such condition and the long term study verified its solid effects. For effectively treating syringomyelia, most patients can use 2 kinds of medicine together to treat the disease. For severe cases assistant pill should be added for support in addition to the two. Till our Ghangcheng Myelophathy Hospital treated altogether 823 patients. Among them 74% are male and 26 % are female. The oldest patients at the age of 69 and the youngest at 19. The effective rate (improvement rate)is 91.5%. The following list two cases.

1. Case One
  Chong Yunnan, 28, male, Beidaihe Post Office, Chinhuangdao City, Hebei Province. From 1987, he began to have muscular atrophy upon upper extremities and sweeny atrophy, in company with forearms scald. Went to see doctors in Beijing and other cities without improvement. In Spring of 1989 he started to receive treatment in our hospital. 41 days later he began to have thermo- sensation and pain sensation. Two months later thermo- and pain sensation normal. Improved strength with upper extremities. Four months later the muscular strength turned normal.
2. Case Two
  Tang Feng, female, 58, Working with Beijing Railway Station. On December 4, 1991 began to receive treatment in Ghangcheng Myelophathy Hospital. Cold limbs for the past 6 years, movement difficulty with right arm for 3 months, muscular atrophy on right hand 2 months, disappearance of thermo- and pain sensation, fingers unable to straighten, unable to use chopsticks. Took Amyotrophy Convalescence Pill series medicine for two months and the thermo- and pain sensation came back and fingers can straighten. One month later came to see Dr. Huai Yuanming and two hands were as flexible as normal, grasping strength returned normal, to be busy with household affairs as before.
3. Case Three
  Yu Taicheng , female, age 49. Feeling severe weakness for one month. The patient was diagnosed as syringomylia and cerebellar tonsillar hernia by means of MRI in Worker's Hospital of the Hebei Automobile Factory on 25 July 1996. Since the patient took Amyotrophy Convalescence Pill Series the clinical condition had been improved obviously. Dysbais regained normal walk and the patient could take part in recreational and body- building activities of swimming, dance and so on. Power of gripping of the two hands increased obviously, that of the right hand increasing from 4kg to 15kg and the left from 1kg to 11kg. The sensation of numbness of limbs was disappeared, the algaesthesis and thermoesthesia of the trunk and limbs recovered normal status basically.

5. Combination Treatment: Qigong Practice

5-1. Mechanism
Qigong, an ancient science and art of health, is a traditional form of Chinese energy excise and healing art for the body, mind, and spirit. Qigong is for establishing balance in and for helping to heal people who are struggling with chronic degenerative conditions such as paralysis, cancer, asthma, cardiovascular and so on.

qigong practicePeople will ask us what the mechanism of qigong is. Generally speaking, like in a rice field, western medicine always have the trend of using all their means to kill the weeds. But in the meantime the rice shoots incur damage, more or less. Most patients know what the results is when they receive radiotherapy and chemotherapy. But for qigong practice, at beginning it will directly strengthen patients immune system as well as activate inner energy system. In a word, it seeks to harmonize the relationship of all internal organs rahter than distinguish which is friend and which is enemy. How to achieve such aim, you may ask? For a tree, at the very beginning there is no division of which is normal and which is abnormal for it stays at initiative stage of the very root. But later different branches develop into various forms, and good, bad, long, short, etc. come into being. By adopting special means we can reverse the process of growth and take the course of sailing against the life current to return back to the very beginning. Once we reach that state there should be no any "branches" possibly existing to wield effects upon our physical existence. Qigong is just the method of how to take the reversing course for the health well being, physically and mentally.

As like to let the rice shoots get stronger and stronger, the weeds will have less and less effects upon the rice shoots. As the process continues, it is sure someday the weeds will no longer have effect upon the rice shoots. Later the time will come of the rice shoots overpowering weeds. If patients can properly proceed with the practice, qigong can bring them much more than they could expect, especially the serene happiness common people could never have chance to experience throughout their life time. Qigong is the study of practice rather than just a theory. Here we like to offer free Qigong course to all patients.

5-2. Qigong Course in DVD Format
We'd like to offer free DVD training course to patients who buy our medicine and have interest in practicing the art. Also, people should know before hand that such practice is for the patients who cannot sit cross-legged and cannot stretch their arms. Such materials can be sent by emails and is easy to get. We'd like to offer suggestion to practitoners when they encounter any problem with such self practice. They are advised to practice the art every day, together with the Amyotrophy Convalescence Pill Series medicine prescribed by doctors. For more information regarding I-Chi Qigong practice please click here

5-3. Correspondence Course
For patients who are able to move their arms and sit cross-legged please try DaMo Qigong Correspondence Course. Such correspondence course contains 4 DVDs (MPEG format, can play at most DVD Player and computers with Windows system or OS), the book The Way To Eternity and Correspondence Course. The video discs contain qigong master's teaching for 49 postures which is the first step of Laying Foundation and it is a very complicated series practice. Follow the practical teaching practitioners can personally know how to proceed with the practice, step by step.

By mastering the essentials of Qigong practice, many people with chronic diseases such as ALS, MG, SM, diabetes, general weakness, colitis, etc. can us such internal healing arts to heal themselves with assistance from some herbal medicine. For more information please click here.

5-4. WudangTaoist Alchemy, Qigong & Tai Chi WorkshopsWudang Taoist Internal Alchemy, Qigong & Taichi Workshops will be held everyyear during September 9-25, at Mount Wudang, one birth place for Chinese Taoism and Taoist inner alchemy practice.

Such workshop offers the classes teaching from Qigong, Daoyin, I-Ching, Chinese astrology (Big Liu Ren), meditation, Taoist yoga, Taoist inner alchemy, Buddhism and the essence of consciousness. So, people can learn not only the practical health preservation approaches, but also the Taoist and Buddhist philosophy. It can tremendously open people's mind to reach a very high level while help people master the most valuable self-healing arts for treat many chronic diseases. For more details please Click Here

Yes, we also teach medical Qigong, including external Qi, diagnosis, and self-healing arts. As to the details of the teaching coverage please read the simplified workbook at HERE



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Effective Herbal Medicine

Amyotrophy Convalescence Pill Series Medicine for treating ALS, SMA, MD, MG, Syrinx, MS.
Amyotrophy Convalescence Pill Series included Serie # 1: Motor Neurons Refunction Granule
Serie #2: Bulboparalysis Rehabilitation Capsule
Serie # 3: Vital Energy Supplementing Granule
Serie # 4: Muscle Cell Stimulation Pill. For more information please click here.